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Alfred Dayan Bio


Born in Heliopolis, Egypt 18 February 1933.

High School: Lincoln School, American University at Cairo.

Obtained my first 35mm camera at age 13. Developed and processed my own negatives.

Studied Fine Art under Master Zorian in Cairo.

Graduated High School in England. 1949

In 1953, after four years working on a farm in Hertfordshire, joined a Kibbutz in Israel.

Moved to Los Angeles, California in 1958.

Enrolled at University of Southern California School of Architecture & Fine Arts.

Graduated in 1964.

Professional life: Architect and Real Estate Developer.

Began work in Photography in my travels in the US, UK, Israel and Europe culminating in a serious dedication to photography starting in 2010.


Photographer’s Statement


I use my lens to record what my eyes see, and at times do not see.

I record People and Places to awaken my memories.

I record Nature to evoke its beauty.

I record Structures in their simplicity and their complexities as intellectual perceptions.


Photographs for Sale


Contact me to order any of the prints in on this Site The prints are Giclée high quality in Limited Editions of 18 examplars each, available in 3 sizes :

11"X14"  @ $99.00 each - 16"X20" @ $149.00 each -  18"X24" @  $249.00 each;  plus shipping.

These prices do not include mounting and/or framing; these would have to be requested as special orders and quoted accordingly.

These prices are good until August 31, 2016 only.

Payment by Check from a US Bank made out to Alfred Dayan Photography.




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